My Push JERK 0 – 235 kg / My trip to BRAZIL before covid-19 pandemic

Today is another training session, I don't remember already the number. Jerk is in my today's plan. Yesterday was a 20-hour total flight, from Ukraine to Brazil, Sao Paulo. I plan 70-80%. I already feel that it will be less. Well, watch me die today. I remember when I was a professional athlete, always when I came to a new place, a new competition, a new gym, it took a couple of days to adapt to the platform, to the environment. Now with frequent change of gyms, I adapt already after the first warm-up. I'm sure you understand me. When you come to the new gym with new bar, platform, people, always feel a little bit uncomfortable. Why did you change the place? By all the laws of the frame that background was very bad. It's better here, black background with light. Well, I jerk from these racks for the first time. Once I did press from them, but jerk for the first time. Interesting feeling. The difference is that you step back from the racks. After you need to rest. Here you can jerk at once. More comfortable. It's only unusual to throw because it's low. It`s scary that at the dip you can touch the racks with disks. All the rest is identical. There's no tonus, so it's hard to hold. I put 200 kg on 1-2 sets, perhaps one I need two sets, but how I feel. I don't like my clean, but I need more. Well, I turned on. Sometimes it's hard to reach yourself inside. As for me, when I do not clean, it makes me very angry Sometimes it can be a plus. I don't mean that it's some feature. I just want to prove something to myself. 235 kg That's how today's training went. Ten days ago, in Kyiv, I also did a PR session. I jerked 220 kg. From 230 kg I caught the blackout during the dip and after did not try again. My program was planned for 230 kg for this period of time. I have more three months. For this time it is possible to jerk 250-255 kg. There I'll look at my physical state if I can more. I did not jerk for a long time. I've lost the feeling when you need to resist. Only failed sets stirred me up. It's turned me on. I'm not satisfied with the movement. Anywhere I try to save a slow dip till 200 kg and slow drive. After 200 kg to add speed, but not always it turns out with this weight. Today firstly I tested the wrist wraps of my production. Soon they will go on sale, now a small ad. I've never used them before. I made them based on all the reviews found online. 95% cotton 5% elastane to stretch and add compression There is a band here, which when twisted creates additional compression. We also have here an anchor system to hide the band. Earlier guys hid the band under the wraps. Now it is easy to fix. This is a prototype. This is the sixth one, the first five were not successful. This one is the most living and was tested by other athletes. It was my first training with wraps. When they are on sale, I'll be grateful for your comments on email or website. Since this is done for you based on comments I've found on the Internet. Your feedback is very important to me. So, be thankful. Hope you liked this training. I continue my road. If possible, I will record and publish it. Perhaps something will be useful to you in your training. Thank you! Bye

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